The range

The range from the Arcobaleno integrated fare network is practical and ideal for anyone who wants to travel around straightforwardly and conveniently in Ticino.

The weekly, monthly, annual and company travelcards as well as cross-border travelcards, single tickets, multiple-journey tickets, Day Passes, Junior Travelcards and Children’s Co-Travelcards from Arcobaleno make it possible to travel around throughout Ticino on public transport. The range is optimally adjusted to the requirements and travel behaviour of our passengers, whether they are frequent or occasional travellers. Discover all the advantages of our products and select the one that best meets your needs.
Rapid fare calculation
Flexible mode of transport selection
Low-cost fares based on age category and usage
  Zone and time system
To make it easier to use public transport, the Arcobaleno integrated fare network utilises a zone and time system. This means that all modes of transport such as buses, trains, boats, cableways and funiculars can be used within the selected zones and validity period of the ticket. There are no time restrictions for weekly, monthly and annual travelcards.

Why download the App?

Since 10 August 2020, tickets for the Arcobaleno integrated fare network can also be purchased via the Arcobaleno app. Thanks to mobile ticketing, you can consult the timetables for all modes of transport on the integrated fare network and display the nearest stop. You can also buy a variety of tickets such as single tickets and Day Passes, as well as class upgrades and cross-border tickets, straightforwardly and conveniently.

Take me to...
The “Take me to” feature speeds up the search for your ten favourite stations. This feature allows you to display the departure time from the nearest stop to one of the ten selected travel destinations. 

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Download the Arcobaleno app!

Call up the timetable online and buy tickets directly on your mobile phone.

Ape Card

The Ape Card is a means of payment for purchasing all Arcobaleno tickets. It can be used as a multiple-journey ticket, Multiple Day Pass and multiple class upgrade. Using the Ape Card, tickets can be paid for without using cash or a credit card at Arcobaleno ticket machines as well as on buses that take payment on board. A saving of up to 14% can be made thanks to a bonus amount credit when loading or topping up the card. 




The SwissPass heralds a new era of travel on public transport. Not only different tickets, but also a variety of services such as, ski passes, PubliBike and leisure offers, can be loaded onto a single card. With the SwissPass, holders of annual or monthly travelcards can receive notifications regarding their expiry. Those holding a company travelcard should contact the human resources department at their firm to renew their travelcard.  



Frequent questions

I have lost my monthly travelcard or it was stolen. What should I do?

In general, monthly travelcards in paper format cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
If the monthly travelcard is loaded on the SwissPass, the card can be replaced after paying a fee of CHF 30, according to T600 clause 200.1. 

My monthly travelcard is damaged. What should I do?

The monthly travelcard in paper format can be replaced when damaged for a payment of CHF 30. You should go to the sales counter where you bought your travelcard. 
If the monthly travelcard is loaded on the SwissPass, the card can be replaced after paying a fee of CHF 30, according to T600 clause 200.1. 

I have lost my annual travelcard or it was stolen. What should I do?

Firstly, the incident must be reported to the local or cantonal police. You should then go to the sales counter where you purchased the annual travelcard with the sales receipt and a personal ID. For a payment of CHF 30, a new travelcard will be sent to your home address within 10 days. You will receive a so-called temporary travelcard for the interim period.

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Tickets for Switzerland

Tickets for Switzerland.

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