An Arcobaleno ticket is the ideal solution for all those who travel in Ticino and the Moesano region, for moving around within specific zones using different modes of transport.

The integrated fare is now applied to Arcobaleno tickets too. The range includes single tickets as well as multiple-journey tickets and Multiple Day Passes, which save you time and money.

The tickets are differentiated by full price and reduced price. The reduced price applies for children from 6 years (from their 6th birthday) up to their 16th birthday, for holders of an SBB Half Fare Travelcard and for pets. 

  Zone and time system
To make it easier to use public transport, the Arcobaleno integrated fare network utilises a zone and time system. This means that all modes of transport such as buses, trains, boats, cableways and funiculars can be used within the selected zones and validity period of the ticket. There are no time restrictions for weekly, monthly and annual travelcards.

Our tickets 

Single ticket 

For a single journey

Multiple-journey ticket

Use as you wish for several journeys

Cross-border ticket 

For an occasional journey across the border

Day Pass

When you want to travel for a whole day without having to think about tickets 

Multiple Day Pass 

When you want to travel inexpensively for a day, often but not regularly

Zone upgrade

When you wish to leave your primary zones of travel

Group ticket

When you want to spend a day in company


When you want to take your bike with you

Ticino Event 

When you wish to travel inexpensively to events in Ticino 

Further information

Arcobaleno tickets marked with a star in the following list must be validated at a machine before starting the journey if they are purchased in advance. Should this not be possible, the holder of the ticket must make a handwritten note on the ticket: 


  • Single ticket* 
  • Multiple-journey ticket* 
  • Day Pass* 
  • Multiple Day Pass
  • Group ticket
  • Zone upgrade* 
  • Class upgrade* 
  • Multiple class upgrade* 


At stations or stops at which there is no validation machine or where this is out of order, travellers must write the date of validity on the ticket by hand using a ballpoint pen. The date must be entered in the first free field from bottom to top. A ticket completed by hand cannot be validated at machines.

Piano zone biglietti 2021

Scopri tutti i dettagli relativi al piano zone/biglietti scaricando il pdf dedicato.

Class upgrade

If you have a ticket or travelcard for 2nd class, you can travel in 1st class by purchasing a class upgrade. Both tickets must be shown at the ticket check. 



Multi-class upgrade

With this ticket you can buy 6 class-upgrade tickets for the price of 5.


Frequent questions

Is my Arcobaleno ticket valid outside Ticino and the Moesano region?

The ticket is only valid for Ticino and the Moesano region. If you hold a cross-border ticket, this is also valid for Trenord regional and suburban trains (S10, S11, S30, S40 and S50). 

Are the Junior Travelcard and Children’s Co-Travelcard also valid with an Arcobaleno ticket?

Yes, they can be combined with tickets and travelcards. 

Who is entitled to the reduced fare?

The reduced fare applies to all children and young people from 6 years (from their 6th birthday up to their 16th birthday) who are travelling, Half Fare Travelcard holders and children under 6 who are travelling alone.

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